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Boracay tropics beach girls and babes

Boracay tropics beach girls and babes

Asia's Best Beaches's Poll

* BORACAY, Philippines - The best beach in Asia. It has also been voted in 1990 as one of the best beaches in the world by the BMW Tropical Beach Handbook. The British Publication TV Quick in its issue of December 21, 1996 gave the latest accolade for Boracay as the number one tropical beach in the world.

* Malaysia - Redang Island, Redang Beach - Only 45 minutes by air from Kuala Lumpur to Terengganu, 40 minutes transfer from airport to Merang Jetty and 50 minutes by boat to the Island. Paradise for divers, thanks to the unending portrait of living watercolour and marine life. Picturesque beaches, turquoise blue water, green cliffs overlooking the South China Sea.

* Maldives - The luxurious escapes you'll find in the Maldives (pronounced MAHL-deeves) are not merely an accident of geography, but a matter of deliberate design. Overwhelmed by an influx of tourists during the 1970s, government leaders created a master plan for the tourist industry, with the aim of emphasizing quality over quantity and minimizing the impact of tourism on the natural -- and human -- environment. The result was the development of a series of high-quality island resorts that have been cited as models for sustainable tourism development.

* Malaysia - Langkawi, Datai Beach - Langkawi is a mystical island of wild scenic beauty and aquamarine seas. The Datai is situated on it's north-western tip, providing an idyllic natural retreat within the depths of a centuries-old virgin rainforest. Set above a secluded cove, the resort has its own white sand beach facing the peaceful Andaman sea. Free-standing villas crafted from local materials are scattered throughout the forest and are connected to the resort’s central areas by a series of pathways.. The Datai is just 30 minutes from Langkawi International Airport.

* Malaysia - Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu Beach - On the island of Langkawi (lang-kah-wee), the rhythm of life remains much as it has in days gone by. A coastline dotted with fishing boats, rustic villages, and a horizon that twinkles with the brilliance of a thousand stars at dusk. Nowhere is this more apparent than in a cape in the northernmost tip of the island, Tanjung Rhu (tan-joong-roo) - a scenic and untouched enclave nestled in the shade of luxuriant casuarina trees. Here lies the Tanjung Rhu Resort - a deluxe resort fringing the long, magnificent bay that leads to the clear, cool waters of the Andaman Sea.
* Malaysia - Pangkor Laut, Emerald Bay - Pangkor Laut Island is located in the Straits of Malacca, 3 miles off the west coast of Malaysia's peninsula. The resort occupies the neighboring Royal Bay and Coral Bay. Twenty minutes walk across the island brings you to Emerald Bay, an internationally acclaimed beach. The island is reached either by boat from Lumut jetty or directly by air from Kuala Lumpur. Lumut is approximately 3 hours from Kuala Lumpur by road.
* Thailand - Koh Samui, Chaweng Beach - Koh Samui is a tropical gem located in the warm blue waters off the country's south-eastern seaboard. It is the Kingdom's second largest island after Phuket. Relatively unknown for years, this sun lover's paradise has now attained international standards of service and accommodation. Fortunately, it has also earned a reputation for retaining its friendly image as well as natural environment.

* Malaysia - Tioman Island, Tioman Beach - Tioman Island is shaped like a drum stick with the fleshier part to the south. The most developed town on the island is Kampung Tekek. Nearby is the airport and the main jetty for ferries from the mainland. There is only a stretch of paved road that covers part of the west coast. It connects Kampung Tekek with Kampung Bunut, Kampung Paya and Kampung Genting. Kampungs are rural Malay villages characterized by wooden houses on stilts. The western part of Tioman Island is dominated by kampungs while the eastern part is mostly uninhabited, with Kampung Juara and Kampung Dungun as the only villages on that side.
* Thailand - Phi Phi, Bagao Beach - Travelling around Koh Phi Phi on a budget could not be easier. The place is -- besides more pricier Koh Phi Phi hotels and resorts - full of budget accommodation that are very affordable and perhaps, surprisingly comfortable. Often they are located in the very heart of the cities and towns that enables travellers to be close to the activities available nearby.



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what cuties! I should be a swim suit designer...

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thanks for the comments you guys. you made me proud as a beach guy and a bikini advocate

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Ron Jerem Lee said...

actually DATAI is pretty pricey. considering the less crowd. feel bit awkward to able enjoy there. i still like KOSAMET in Thai. secluded, yet has quality crowd and budget too.

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