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Pinay Beauties and Boracay A splendid Paradise for men and women

Boracay Island makes list of world's best beaches

BORACAY, Aklan: Internet search engine Yahoo! and popular website included this resort island on their list of the world's

10 best beaches.

Yahoo! ranked Boracay seventh while, which claims more than

five million site visitors monthly, placed Boracay on the eighth spot.

According to Web traffic analysis companies, Yahoo! has been the most

visited website on the Internet, with more than 412 million unique

users., on the other hand, is a Canadian-based, free online

men's Web portal. Its sections feature topics that are pertinent to

men. Among its sections are Fashion & Lifestyle, Health & Sports and

Dating & Love.

With this positive exposure in the worldwide Web, Gov. Carlito Marquez

of Aklan is confident that business will be good in this resort island.

Boracay is famous for its powdery white sand, pristine waters and lush

tropical forests.

In coming out with their lists, Yahoo! and emphasized the

"numerous positive feedback" they received from website readers

and the wide range of available attractions each chosen beach offers.

In late 1980s, this resort island was named by two travel magazines as

one of the world's top 10 beaches, too. The title disappeared after

the issue on coliform contamination hit this resort island in mid-1990s.

Marquez attributed Bora­cay's positive image abroad to the

Department of Tourism's aggressive promotional activities.

Boracay's two primary tourism beaches, White Beach and Bulabog

Beach, are located on opposite sides of the island's narrow central

area. White Beach faces westwards and Bulabog Beach faces eastwards. The

island also has several other beaches.

White Beach is the main tourism beach. It is a bit over four kilometers

long and is lined with resorts, hotels, lodging houses, restaurants, and

other tourism-related businesses.

In the central portion, for about two kilometers, there is a footpath

known as the beachfront path separating the beach itself from the

establishments located along it.

North and south of the beachfront path, beachfront establishments do

literally front along the beach itself.

Several roads and paths connect the beachfront path with Boracay's

main road, a vehicular road which runs the length of the island. At the

extreme northern end of White Beach, a footpath runs around the headland

there and connects White Beach with Diniwid Beach.

Across the island from White Beach is Bulabog Beach, a secondary tourism

beach and Boracay's main wind­surfing and kiteboarding area.

--Panay news

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Life's a super white beach in Boracay

Whoever coined the trite little line "life's a beach" probably had Southeast Asia in mind. There are just too many good beaches in the region to ignore...

If you're looking for a good place to lay around a do nothing while the palm trees sway in the sun and someone periodically offers to refill you mai tai, Boracay is probably for you. "Paradise" and "breath-taking" are the two adjectives most often used to describe this island in the Western Visayas portion of the Philippines. About 4.5 miles long and in places only half a mile wide, the 32 powdery white beaches on this island draw thousands of visitors each year. It is a year round destination - although peak season runs from October through April.

A stay on Boracay doesn't have to be expensive. Prices range from well under $50 a night into the mid-$100 price range -- depending on whether you want a simple twin bed and a fan, air conditioning and a Jacuzzi or a two-bedroom villa.

The island is just over one hour flying time from Manila. Boracay's beaches are so fine and white as to remind you of powdered sugar. And the climate is marvelous: cool, dry and windy from October to January, warm and humid between February and June, pleasantly wet from July to September.

Life on Boracay is not confined to the beach. Boracay boasts a wide assortment of restaurants which offer international flavors. The island's nightlife is vibrant: you can boogie till dawn. Sunrise and sunset tends to bring crowds to the beach to watch the change of the day.

Finally, Boracay is a world class dive spot. There were 18 scuba schools on the island at last count. Whether you're a novice at scuba or an experienced diver, Boracay has something for you. The island offers swimming pool conditions in front of the white beach, drift dives, deep dives, and more. In the words of one operator, "Boracay is tailor made for diving". The number of dive spots is outstanding. For those of you who have never tried scuba diving, this is the place to start.

But the beach alone makes Boracay a hard place to leave...

Boracay Beach Top Events

Boracay beach

By Rowell B. Capuz

In Boracay, once a nearly deserted stretch of beach now a teeming vacation and leisure spot for up scale tourists from all parts of the world, summer’s big events are all happening.

Why not? Workaholics from the city suddenly become sun worshippers, from the moment their feet are drenched in the crystal-clear water. These are the same people you see bathing on the shore, sipping their margaritas and other cocktail drinks in bars, feasting on succulent seafood in Mediterranean-themed resorts, or simply having their henna tattoo done on the sand (side) walk. The allure of Boracay does not simply end on its white, powder-soft sand.

Now what better way to beat the summer heat—which, by the way, rose to as high as 39o Celsius in some parts of the metro—than to head to Boracay and hit the beach?

For the past nine years, the Nestea Beach Volley has been making a splash on the island, making things cool and hot at the same time. It is truly one of the most-awaited spectacles every summer.

Beach volleyball at its best

This year’s Nestea Beach Volley began early April at La Salle Greenhills with 72 teams from 44 colleges and universities nationwide.

It took several rounds of intense beach volley action to determine the teams that would have the chance to claim the coveted Nestea title. Twenty-four teams from 18 schools have emerged victorious, but only for a moment. For they still had to battle it out on the sands of Boracay until the best teams were left standing.

In the men’s division, the contingent included the winning teams from Luzon (Adamson University, College of St. Benilde, Far Eastern University, and St. Francis of Assisi College), Visayas (University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos, University of San Carlos, defending Champion University of San Jose Recoletos, and University of Southern Philippines), and Mindanao (Ateneo de Davao University, Mindanao State University, University of Mindanao-Tagum).

For the women’s division, Luzon’s College of St. Benilde, Far Eastern University, Philippine Christian University-Manila, and University of Baguio; Visaya’s Foundation University, two-time defending champion Southwestern University, University of San Juan Recoletos, and runnerup University of the Visayas; and Mindanao’s Holy Cross of Davao College, Mindanao State University, University of Mindanao-Davao, and University of Mindanao-Tagum hit the Boracay sand court.

Lords of the sand

The continued and overwhelming success of the previous games continues to inspire us to hold the Nestea Beach Volley each year,” said Nestlé AVP and Nestea brand manager Tina Samaco.

This year’s tournament was even more challenging and exciting with over half a million in cash and prizes given away. As familiar faces from last year’s games returned, it only goes to show that the Nestea Beach Volley is not just a fun game—pride and honor (both for the school and the players) were at stake. Among those who came back to reclaim their place on the sand were crowd favorite Jayjay Tuazon of Ateneo de Davao, Janley Patrona of College of St. Benilde (he represented DeLaSalle University last year), University of San Juan-Recoletos’ Jonrey Sasing (who, together with Joseph Alguno, won the crown in 2004), and the tandems of Southwestern University (Florian Gutierrez and Marites Natad) and University of the Visayas (Janez Armie Igot and Joyce Nuñez), which met at the finals last year.

After a dramatic semifinals and finals, College of St. Benilde’s Arnold Laniog and Janley Patrona and Southwestern University’s Florian Gutierrez and Marites Natad were crowned the ultimate champion in the men’s and women’s category, respectively.

Winning teams brought home P100,000 and a trophy each, with their schools receiving a trophy and a P50,000 worth of sports equipment.

Unseen beauty

Some people say that if you opt for true relaxation, then Boracay is not the place you would want to go. The island is teeming with life, there are parties and events from stations one to three. Reggae beat seems to surround the island. Privacy may have been lost with the deluge of visitors it attracts every year. But then again, this is the only face of Boracay that most of us know.

A 10-minute boat ride from Station two, and you’ll reach Puka Beach, the north coast of the island. The serene ambience of the place commands respect and this allows for true relaxation and some semblance of privacy, too, since there are no loud commotions aside from lapping of the waves and the distant drone of the occasional motorboat. And as an added bonus, especially for thrill-seekers, the beach has a small cave on the beachfront that welcomes whosoever dares to go inside its pitch-black core.

Staying at Puka Beach, one might have a clear view of what Boracay used to look like—minus the tourists, bars and restaurants, hotels, and resorts. While its white coral sand may not be as fine as that of the island’s west coast, its stillness as well as its raw beauty is invaluable.

Our boat headed east and reached Crocodile Island, a small stretch of rugged coast that looks like a sleeping crocodile (hence, the name). Five to six kilometers from the shore is a snorkelling spot. The water is so clear you can see the corals that are 10 to 15 feet below sea surface.

Party till sunup

Nestea Beach Volley would not be complete without fun games, parties, and more parties, which were graced by tinseltown’s hottest people.

On the contingent’s second night, they were treated to a unique kind of alternative rock, courtesy of the band who calls themselves Makata (Bamboo’s Nathan Azarcon, Ira Cruz, and Vic Mercado with Gio Alvarez and Ronnie Quizon as vocalists.)

The fun games saw some celebrities and top models from Professional Models Association of the Philippines or PMAP like Rissa Samson, Nicolette Bell, Marilen Faustino, Fortune Santos, Manila’s current “it” girl Bubbles Paraiso, Ornusa Cadness, Robbie Mananquil, Valerie de los Santos, Luke Jickain, and Brent Javier (who is also a Nestea model). Rich Herrera and Celine de Neindre, the faces you see on the big posters of Nestea, were nowhere near the island. (But hey, we saw them on posters, anyway!)

Of course, celebrities were not left behind. Among them were VJ Luis Manzano, Epi Quizon and Vandolph (who was always seen with his girlfriend Jenny), Nancy Castiglione, Borgy Manotoc, Ariel and Maverick, Geoff Rodriguez, beauty queen Tisha Silang, among many others.

Capping the Nestea experience was a victory party that lasted till dawn. It started with a fashion show featuring the PMAP models who, earlier, were sweating it out on the sand court. Then as beach mannequins hit the makeshift catwalk, dancers provided the night with a dance and fire show (imagine someone dancing while swinging two burning slingshots in all directions and you’ll know what I mean).

Bamboo rocked the house down as the beachfront of Hey Jude suddenly turned into a Woodstock concert. The band belted out their hits, including some from Nathan and Bamboo’s previous band RiverMaya like “Awit ng Kabataan,” “Kung Ayaw Mo, Huwag Mo,” and “Elesi,” at the same time playing their own hits like “Masaya,” “Mr. Clay,” and “Noypi.” After the concert, then came the house party with DJ Manolet Dario (who is always seen with Rachel Lobangco) providing house anthem music. Party people danced the night away like there was no tomorrow.

Philippine Travel: When and Where - Boracay Expat Experience

Be aware that the experiences you’re about to encounter is unlike anything you’d encounter anywhere else in the world. Each and every country has its own unique experience to offer you and when you travel to the Philippines, you should expect the same.

When Is It Best To Travel To The Philippines?

Are you allergic to rain? If so, it would do you good to avoid traveling to this part of Southeast Asia during the months of June till November as that’s when the occasional typhoon or two makes time to visit the Philippines. Traveling during the rainy season of the Philippines can be quite a hassle, especially if you don’t have a car. But if you do, you could expect smaller crowds to contend with as most people tend to stay indoors.

If you’re unable to take the heat and still be merry, then you should not travel to the Philippines during the months of March till May because that’s officially the summer season of the country. Everyone head for the nearest beach so if you don’t want to feel crowded when you’re sunbathing, set your travel date for another time of the year. The Easter season is always busy for everyone in the Philippines so expect a difficult time on reserving transportation when it’s Holy Week.

If you’re on the lookout for the world-famous fiestas that only the Philippines could offer, schedule your travel date for January, May or December. The flower season of Baguio – described as the summer capital of the Philippines because of its perennially cool weather – is something to look forward to. And then there’s the Santacruzan during May and which each and every town parades its most beautiful residents in a walk around town.

Where In The Philippines Is It Best To Travel To?

There are so many types of places to visit in the Philippines that it’s hard to enumerate each and every one of them. Beaches, however, are one of the most favorite travel spots of the country so if you want to enjoy your stay in a beautiful paradise of clear blue green water and cool white sand, you could check out Tali Beach, the world-famous Boracay or try surfing the secluded beaches of Surigao and La Union.

John Grant has been living in the Philippines for 5 years and has travelled the country extensively. His online Philippines Travel Guide covers major destinations like Philippine Airlines 2
Philippine Airlines 2By Reidar Aas Philippine airlines are one of the longest surviving airlines in the world. Having been through many ups and...

In A Fabulous Boracay Resort Wedding Walk On The Sand and Down The Aisle

Just as marriage is a combination of adventure and romance, so is Boracay SandCastles Resort. Due 300 kilometers southeast of capital Manila, Boracay Island sits on a dramatic coastline of white sand and clear azure water, where the tropical atmosphere is as conducive to adventure as the breathtaking vista of Boracay is to romance.

Because of its "tropical paradise" appeal, the SandCastle Resort has been one of the more logical wedding destinations in the Philippines. Why get married some place else if couples can do that in a resort in Boracay and at the same time have an idyllic honeymoon that this quaint little island has to offer?

There are three ways of tying the knot in Boracay Island. Right at the beachfront of SandCastles Resort, couples can walk on the sand and down the aisle in a Christian wedding officiated by a pastor, or in a civil wedding officiated by the local mayor.

On the other hand, couples can still have the traditional church wedding at the nearby Holy Rosary Parish in Boracay Island, and then hold their reception by the beach outside the Boracay resort of SandCastles. Either way, the stunning seascape of Boracay Island is there to stand witness to an unforgettable Boracay Beach wedding.

And there's more to every couple's beach wedding. In the days that follow, couples have the Boracay Sandcastles Resort, its facilities and resort amenities, at their bidding. Take an evening saunter on the cinematic coastline of Boracay, partake of the water sport activities that Boracay has to offer, or simply bask in on the comfort of the SandCastles, all while enjoying the happy ending of your fairytale wedding.

Interested couples may contact Boracay SandCastles Resort for reservation inquiries at (+632) 823-2725, (+63917) 819-3049, or visit the official Sandcastles Resort website at

Jojo Robles is head of the editorial department of the Tour Philippines, a web publication specializing in the lowdown on Philippine travel, resorts, holiday destinations, hotels, and island adventures for discerning travelers. Tour Philippines likewise advocates for nature tourism in the Philippines, and campaigns for sustainable development in major tourism sites to help protect the indigenous people of Philippine provinces, as well as the rich and unique wildlife of the Philippine rainforests.

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Cheap In Dollars A Boracay Trip is a travelers dream come true

The only way to get to Boracay is by boat, flying from Manila to either Caticlan or Kalibo airports, you will be transferred to the point from which you may take a boat across to Boracay, there is no harbour on the island, the boats simply come as close as they safely can, and then you must wade ashore onto the famous white beach.

This world renowned white beach is probably Boracays best known feature. It is possible to relax all day on the hot white sand, or for the more energetic there are a wide variety of water based activities, from the flying fish or the banana boat, or even the surfing for which Boracay is justly famous.

If you want to get away from the crowds why not hire your own boat for the day, and spend your time visiting some of the secluded beaches, or you could escape the heat by enjoying a few hours snorkeling in the clear waters, and marveling at the beautiful sea creatures which surround this Paradise Island.

Your hotel should be delighted to arrange this for you, or you can just take a stroll along the beachfront, and you will find plenty of local Filipinos anxious to sell you everything from a boat ride, to a dvd, or a 'genuine' Rolex watch.

Shopping is generally a fun experience. If local jewelery or crafts is your idea of shopping heaven then head for the local trading stalls along the beachfront where prices start from only P10 - P20 an item. For more general shopping needs the Boracay has 'The Mall' a collection of individual shops that stock everything you could need to have an enjoyable holiday in Paradise.

When it is time to eat, then Boracay has no shortage of choice, the selection is drawn from all over Europe, Asia, and beyond. From one end of the beach to the other you may sample Greek, Italian, Spanish, British, or even traditional Filipino cooking, you may choose to eat on the beach, or under cover in the restaurant of your choice.

There is accommodation to suit every budget, from exclusive private resorts where you can laze all day on your own private beach, to busy modern hotels along the main beaches.

For travelers on a more restricted budget there are several resorts set a little back from the beach, but still clean, and comfortable. Whatever accommodation you choose, you can be sure of friendly service, and a relaxing on holiday, on this - The Philippines premier beach resort.

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