Monday, April 7, 2008

Cheap In Dollars A Boracay Trip is a travelers dream come true

The only way to get to Boracay is by boat, flying from Manila to either Caticlan or Kalibo airports, you will be transferred to the point from which you may take a boat across to Boracay, there is no harbour on the island, the boats simply come as close as they safely can, and then you must wade ashore onto the famous white beach.

This world renowned white beach is probably Boracays best known feature. It is possible to relax all day on the hot white sand, or for the more energetic there are a wide variety of water based activities, from the flying fish or the banana boat, or even the surfing for which Boracay is justly famous.

If you want to get away from the crowds why not hire your own boat for the day, and spend your time visiting some of the secluded beaches, or you could escape the heat by enjoying a few hours snorkeling in the clear waters, and marveling at the beautiful sea creatures which surround this Paradise Island.

Your hotel should be delighted to arrange this for you, or you can just take a stroll along the beachfront, and you will find plenty of local Filipinos anxious to sell you everything from a boat ride, to a dvd, or a 'genuine' Rolex watch.

Shopping is generally a fun experience. If local jewelery or crafts is your idea of shopping heaven then head for the local trading stalls along the beachfront where prices start from only P10 - P20 an item. For more general shopping needs the Boracay has 'The Mall' a collection of individual shops that stock everything you could need to have an enjoyable holiday in Paradise.

When it is time to eat, then Boracay has no shortage of choice, the selection is drawn from all over Europe, Asia, and beyond. From one end of the beach to the other you may sample Greek, Italian, Spanish, British, or even traditional Filipino cooking, you may choose to eat on the beach, or under cover in the restaurant of your choice.

There is accommodation to suit every budget, from exclusive private resorts where you can laze all day on your own private beach, to busy modern hotels along the main beaches.

For travelers on a more restricted budget there are several resorts set a little back from the beach, but still clean, and comfortable. Whatever accommodation you choose, you can be sure of friendly service, and a relaxing on holiday, on this - The Philippines premier beach resort.

Peter Bruce Townsend has been writing and publishing articles on a variety of subjects for the last ten years. He has traveled extensively through South East Asia, and the Philippines. He lives in south east London with his wife Mona, and spends his time re-publishing public domain works for and maintaining the website

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