Monday, April 7, 2008

In A Fabulous Boracay Resort Wedding Walk On The Sand and Down The Aisle

Just as marriage is a combination of adventure and romance, so is Boracay SandCastles Resort. Due 300 kilometers southeast of capital Manila, Boracay Island sits on a dramatic coastline of white sand and clear azure water, where the tropical atmosphere is as conducive to adventure as the breathtaking vista of Boracay is to romance.

Because of its "tropical paradise" appeal, the SandCastle Resort has been one of the more logical wedding destinations in the Philippines. Why get married some place else if couples can do that in a resort in Boracay and at the same time have an idyllic honeymoon that this quaint little island has to offer?

There are three ways of tying the knot in Boracay Island. Right at the beachfront of SandCastles Resort, couples can walk on the sand and down the aisle in a Christian wedding officiated by a pastor, or in a civil wedding officiated by the local mayor.

On the other hand, couples can still have the traditional church wedding at the nearby Holy Rosary Parish in Boracay Island, and then hold their reception by the beach outside the Boracay resort of SandCastles. Either way, the stunning seascape of Boracay Island is there to stand witness to an unforgettable Boracay Beach wedding.

And there's more to every couple's beach wedding. In the days that follow, couples have the Boracay Sandcastles Resort, its facilities and resort amenities, at their bidding. Take an evening saunter on the cinematic coastline of Boracay, partake of the water sport activities that Boracay has to offer, or simply bask in on the comfort of the SandCastles, all while enjoying the happy ending of your fairytale wedding.

Interested couples may contact Boracay SandCastles Resort for reservation inquiries at (+632) 823-2725, (+63917) 819-3049, or visit the official Sandcastles Resort website at

Jojo Robles is head of the editorial department of the Tour Philippines, a web publication specializing in the lowdown on Philippine travel, resorts, holiday destinations, hotels, and island adventures for discerning travelers. Tour Philippines likewise advocates for nature tourism in the Philippines, and campaigns for sustainable development in major tourism sites to help protect the indigenous people of Philippine provinces, as well as the rich and unique wildlife of the Philippine rainforests.

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