Sunday, July 27, 2008

A day in the beach of Boracay - with sexy chics

A day in the beach of Boracay - with sexy chics

Imagine a day in Boracay --- immerse yourself in the delights of Paradise

Snorkel the pristine coral reefs. Search, discover and be enthralled by the colorful bounty of marine life that thrives in the warm crystal clear waters of the South China Seas - if you’re more adventurous a full array of scuba diving activities are available.

beach by pao casti.

Maybe relax the mid-afternoon away in the shaded Nu Nu treelined courtyard, where Nu Noos’ unique pagoda styled cottages offer modern comfort harmoniously set in a luxuriant tropical landscape- or lazily peruse the gardens and marvel at the intricacies of nature - or just doze awhile in the spacious bedrooms, enjoying that timeless ambiance enhanced by the cottages’ traditional native materials, such as woven palm leaves, rattan grasses, coco bark, tropical hardwoods and bamboo. All with the convenience of ensuite European-styled bathrooms.

As the sun's glare begins to fade, you may be tempted by a late afternoon swim or bike ride along the many picturesque jungle trails or you might simply prefer to lose yourself in the majesty of an ocean sunset.

As the sea breeze subsides and the warm tropical evening draws to a close, treat yourself and "Taste the Magic of the Orient" - select from our full range of island cocktails, expertly prepared from freshly picked exotic fruits.
Such a splendid day is sure to develop a hearty appetite, so you’re invited to try our Nu Nu seashore restaurant, a popular night spot, that delights diners with its nightly Nu Nu special Banquet, which boasts the best of the oriental cuisine. Savor the sea’s fresh harvests.
If you wish to finish the day on the upbeat - sample Boracay’s vibrant nightlife, set beneath clear tropical skies ablaze with a million stars. Evening till dawn offers an array of nightspots, including cozy bars, beach parties, discos and cultural shows.

When sleep finally beckons, perhaps order your favorite nightcap before retiring - rejuvenate before the dawning of another enchanting day in Paradise

From Manila by air :

Philippine Air Lines ( PAL ) operates regular daily flights to Kalibo, capital of Aklan Province on Panay Island (approximately USD60.00).
girl by Coffee8.

The on-going journey from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan overland takes about 1-2 hours, inclusive of flat tires, via the northern coastal road, which initially runs through pisturesque rice paddies prior to hitting the more mountaineous coastal section nearer Caticlan. The route is plied regularly by aircon buses (approximately USD5.00) direct from Kalibo Airport. Alternatively, each incoming flight is eagerly met by an ample supply of transport operators linking the airport directly to Boracay.

However, during the high season advanced booking is required to guarantee a seat. Alternative, but less convenient, flight destinations in Panay Island include Roxas and Iloilo Cities. PAL flies Kalibo to Cebu City 3 or 4 times per week for approximately USD35.00, one way.

The most convenient, but slightly more expensive routing to Boracay, is the direct flight from Manila to the small airstrip at Caticlan, which is just opposite Boracay, operated by the small private airlines, Asian Spirit ( Fax No. : 63-2-813 - 0183) and Pacific Air ( Fax No. : 63-2- 833 7692), who operate smaller aircraft on daily schedules (approximately USD65.00, one way). The smaller 6 to 50 seater aircraft fly at only 9,000 feet, giving the passenger a very scenic trip.

All internal flights depart from Manila's Domestic Airport which adjoins Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Allow a two and a half hour transfer peroid between arriving at one airport section and departing the other.
boracay beach by riverho.

From Caticlan it is just a short 20 minute hop over to Boracay by native outrigger.

A number of Manila tourist agencies, including Nigi Nigi Nu Noos booking office (Telefax No. : 63-36-288-3112) offer attractive package tours, with 3 or 4 nights stay in Boracay being typical inclusive of airfares, transfers and deluxe accommodation with breakfast. Such tours can be extended on a per diem basis - for those who wish to linger a little longer in Paradise.

beach by candygrl_28.

sexy girls

the puca beach by weirdox.

.... by My TwiStEd wOrLd.
I want to be a photographer by Pran Delicious.
Philippine T.V. actress/commercial model Angelica Panganiban taking pictures at the 2008 Boracay Open Frisbee tournament
IYA2 by switi.
All Alone! by hitosisfoto.
Passing the time away, writing love letters
in the sand... But the waves came and erased them all!
lovin the beach by tinbac.

A Girl's Journey by My TwiStEd wOrLd.
boracay fun by tinbac.


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