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Planning to go to Boracay During The Off-Season

Planning to go to Boracay During The Off-Season

Boracay is among one of the best beaches in the world. It is because of the great sand and clean waters that make Boracay a wonderful beach to relax. There are also lots of establishments there in Boracay that can make their experience better. The nightlife there during peak seasons such as holy weeks and all saints day is great because lots of people go to Boracay to have fun.

But what happens to Boracy during the off-season when the bad winds arrive? It may seem stupid for lots of people to go there when the winds are scary and the rain is pouring. Who would want to swim when the rain pours and makes you chill more? The rain will also make people think that it will dampen their merry night life. But here are some reasons why it is still ok to go to Boracay even if it is off-season. Here are some reasons that can help convince people that Boracay is great no matter what season it is.

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1. It is cheaper to go to Boracay during the off-season. If you are on a budget it is the best time to go. The flights from Manila to Caticlan are cheaper. If you are on budget and have motion problems when riding boats, you can just go during the off-season because you can ride the planes and it can still fit your budget. The hotel accommodations and food are also cheaper, usually up to 25%.

2. The strong winds can help make an experience riding a Paraw or a special kind of sail more fun. For P500 you can be able to sail with two able-bodied sea goers. You can be able to enjoy cruising for an hour on the shoreline. You can be able to watch the crystal clear waters when sitting on the Paraw’s left wing while holding on the ship’s rigging for support.

3. The massage will be cheaper compared to massages in Manila. You can be able to get massages for only P350 in your own room and have coconut oil rubbed on you.

4. Surfing on a kite board is better on a windy day. It is called a kite board because the person will strap their feet onto the surfboard and will lasso their upper body to a 15-foot kite. Hoe can you be able to do that on a summer day without any wind? The price of kite boarding is around $200 because it includes trainers and P1, 000 per hour for the board. It is cheaper to pay this amount than pay for future hospital bills when you end up in an accident.

These are only a few reasons why Boracay is still a fun place to go to even during the off-seasons. I’m sure that you can be able to find your own reason why going there during the off-season is still fun.

nothin but water by Diane Czyrnik.

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on boracay island, this is white beach. it is classified into the 3 stations: 1, 2 and 3. station 3 is the most populated with locals on vacation, 2 is where all the food, drinking, drunking and partying all night long are and 1 is this image above. stay in this area for supreme peace and quiet. now a days, i love station 1. where i can get my coffee in relax mode... i'll be the only one thats jumpy =)

no hdr image. i put it through photoshop layers and masks. thanks for the views... i'll be getting to all your streams tomorrow am. time for some zzzzzz's now...

Igor's Angels by igorms.
141 Worldwide company outing in Boracay.

The beautiful women of 141. And me. =j

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nothin but water by Diane Czyrnik.

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Boracay by Diane Czyrnik.

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